If you have business, no doubt you’ve run into many different varieties of marketing at this point. You could decide to market your company with brochures, flyers, signage, direct mail, posters, talking to, an internet site… the list goes on. All of these marketing techniques have value, which enables it to be utilized effectively in different situations.

But today, with most prospective buyers using the internet; or even more specifically Google in terms of researching products and making buying decisions, it’s good to get up to date with Google AdWords and the ways to apply it to your advantage.

Google Adwords Marketing

The Basics:

When you search something in Google, the text you utilize these are known as ‘keywords’ or ‘key phrases’. This is what Google uses to locate websites that connect with your preferences. For example, if you had to customize the website designed, and searched, ‘website design Christchurch’; these three words will be your keyword.

With Google AdWords, you should have a little advertisement promoting your company pop-up either towards the top or in the correct hand side in the listings screen in Google following a user searches these keywords you decide on for the campaign. Google AdWords runs on the ‘PPC’ (pay per click marketing) policy, therefore you are only charged depending on how many click-throughs (people clicking your ad and entering your website) you have.

The Benefits:

This form of website marketing is very targeted, customizable, and fully traceable. When you have a Google AdWords campaign, you are able to view how many people have viewed the ad, made itself known yet the ad, and you will see what type of results this really is generating for your organization. This strategy is much more valuable than distributing a variety of flyers to mailboxes and not knowing which of them got dumped!
Also, you are merely paying per click; i.e., for ‘what you get’.


Google AdWords is pretty a complicated tool. There are many ways to approach your online marketing strategy, so you need to become internet marketing savvy so that you can generate the greatest results. Some business people elect to use professional AdWords consultants that have been trained in how Google algorithms work and the way it is possible to improve your marketing budget effectively.

Perhaps check into different choices before you decide to set up your Google AdWords account and begin launching ads out into the webspace.

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With a little bit of research and some sound advice, your organization can begin making money and converting potential prospects using the highly targeting marketing of Google AdWords!