There is one proverb “Earth is round and we will meet sometime”, remarketing act in the same way. Someone is watching you as a customer and start watching them back as your customer with Remarketing.

It is nothing but, a unique practice to track users who have previously visited your eCommerce store / website and left without making a purchase / contacting you.

Remarketing allows you advertise about your products / services to such users, who were interested to buy product from your eCommerce store but haven’t made a purchase.

It is helpful to increase conversions, better ROI, and create brand awareness among the users with a right way of remarketing campaigns.

Now a day, there are various effective tools available with which you can create a list of such users and run campaign successfully. So, how you can create lists of such users for remarketing and how you can advertise to them?

Two words answer “Google Adwords”

Google AdWords is an effective online advertising program which helps you to retarget users who have visited your website and also helps to target new customers to increase revenue of your business.

With Google Adwords, you can advertise your products / services to your preferred locations with selective time to serve your ads to the users.

With Google AdWords you can plan campaign with certain amount of budget and can also measure its impact in your business. Start advertising by setting up a new Google Adwords account and create ads for remarketing.

Create Account:

  • Visit
  • Signup and add select country, Time Zone and preferred currency carefully
  • Verify your email address and move ahead to the next step to create your first ad campaign

Creating Your First Ad Campaign:

  • Enter your first campaign name you preferred
  • Select location, where you would like to show your ads
  • Select Languages for your potential customers.
  • Select network and devices to where (Google Search Results & Google display networks) and on which devices (Computer and Smartphone). By default, setting will run your ads everywhere in the Google Network.
  • Set bidding and budget with automatic or manual bidding options

Create First Ad:

Google recommends text ad first if you are using Google Adwords for the first time. Here I have mentioned steps to create your first text ad.

  • Enter the headline of your ad
  • Add 2 lines of your ad description
  • Enter website display URL (will appear in your ads)
  • Enter website destination URL (It will redirect users to landing page of your website)
  • Add keywords you think are more suitable to your product / service

Once you complete the above steps, you are done with your first Google Adwords campaign and ad. In a similar way you can also create display ads to attract more visitors, for this you just have to create an image advertisement ad.

Next, enter your preferred billing information automatic (debit amount once your account reach to limit or after 30 days) and manual (acts as a prepaid account).

Setting up Google Adwords Remarketing:

Once you are done with creating your first Adword Campaign and ad, now it’s time to add remarketing tag on your website.

Google Adwords will create remarketing tag at the time of creating a new display ad with targeted audience of remarketing and this tag can send to yourself or your webmaster via email, which will also contain information about to add remarketing tag on your website.

Add remarketing tag to all web pages of your website. And yes, here you can create the first list of remarketing to your customer.

Tip: Use Google Tag Assistant (Google Chrome Extension) to validate your remarketing tag with your website. Download this extension from this link.

Create a Remarketing List:

Remarketing list will help you to decide to whom you would like to retarget to serve your ads. Let’s start with creating your first remarketing list.

  • Go to “Shared Library” below list of campaign tab
  • Click on Audience in Ads section
  • Create on +Remarketing List Button to start with creating first list
  • Enter the name your remarketing list and select who to add to your first list
  • Visitors of a page
  • Visitors of a page who did not visit to another page
  • Visitors of a page who also visited another page
  • Visitors of a page during specific dates
  • Visitors of a page with specific tag
  • Custom Combination
  • Any of these audiences (OR)
  • Each of these audiences (AND)
  • None of these audience

Visit Google Adword Support page to know more in detail about different list types.

Adding Google remarketing lists to your ad group:
You have successfully added remarketing tag and created list to which you will like to show your ads. Now it’s time to add list with ad groups with simple easy steps:

  • Go to the Display Network only campaign
  • Click on +Targeting Button
  • Select an ad group for targeting
  • Select “Interest & Remarketing” as a campaign exclusions
  • Choose remarketing list you would like to target
  • And click on save

And it’s done!

Things to Consider While Thinking for Remarketing Campaign:

To make your retargeting efforts effective, use the best methods to deliver at every stage of your advertising campaign.

How much you want it to become better, your potential customers may not understand. That’s why consider the following steps carefully.

  1. Display information effectively in your ad to catch visitors’ attention.
  2. Give information on different products/ services for the purpose of greater promotion
  3. Present discount offers of relevant products in which your customers have an interest.
  4. Underline or emphasize on the best feature of your product.
  5. Run a comparison of your product with that of your competitor.

Advertise your new products and services to previous customers.

Make sure that you are considering remarketing as a major part in your next marketing campaign that will help you to increase the revenue of your business.

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