Twitter has introduced new search features for iOS and Android Devices, which help users to search in better way or we can say more personal search features.

With a Twitter app update for iOS & Android, new filters are included with which users can find in an easier way and can discover about to happen things on Twitter.

These filters are basically included to make a search for photos, Videos, Tweets shared by people you follow. If you would like to make a search for photos, you can simply select Photos filters and photo will show in grid or list view. Similarly you can make a search for videos. And if you wish to find what your friends are saying for your search term, you can select filter People and you will entire list of tweets on your Smartphone screen of tweets from your friends.

Apart from all these, Twitter has also updated “Discover”, which includes tweets from trending topics and trending TV shows (only for U.S. Region) and nearby events from anywhere in the world.

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Twitter has introduced these new features, which will make our search on twitter in an easier way. What’s your opinion about this? Share your comments with us.