There are plenty social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, etc. and tools which are widely used by the users and business owners to create new business opportunities by connecting with their networks. It seems very pretty to show presence at various platforms and yes it is must these days.

As a benefits business will gain popularity via different social platforms and increase the brand awareness. Another, creating a group or network with a list of niche list of people will help to expose in a quick manner and to the targeted audience and also share ideas with them.

So, is it worth to be on all available social platforms? May be not May be Yes. “NO” to those platforms, which are not more popular and not having a huge amount of members. And “YES” for those platforms which are popular and can find & create niche networks with good numbers of members.

Best Platform I suggest: It’s an open community for bloggers, entrepreneurs, marketers, etc., where individual can share their content. Here users can share content related to SEO, Social Media, Industry News, Design, Web Development, Technologies, Future of Marketing and more. Inbound also supports to start a discussion on various topics where user and expert from same industries can share their thoughts. I really prefer to be a member of this community to expand and share my knowledge with other members.


Flipboard: Flipboard is a magazine format app worked with Android and IOS devices. It collects the content from networks of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and more and formats it in a magazine style. It also allows users to flick through the feed of social media sites and feeds from websites. Currently available in all major web browsers support Flipboard.

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BeFunky: A free app for Android and IOS and a big competitor of Instagram. It’s an innovative photo editing tool which allows people to do some special effects with their pictures. There are lots of built-in filters and overlays which let users to add effects to photos. It has an option called “one-click” that helps to get the desired results smoothly. User can add speech bubbles, accessories, and lots of other objects in photos which turn a photo into a comic and share it easily with various platforms like Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, etc.

BeFunky socialwebtechtalk


Nextdoor: Nextdoor is a private social media network for neighborhoods in the US. It will help to connect with neighborhood people. Its main concept is to sell advertising to local businesses. Get connected with the people in neighborhood and share news, updates, and business details with them.

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Ghost: As saying, it’s just a blogging platform launched on 14th October, 2013. It’s a free, open source platform to write and publish blogs. It’s very easy to use; with its predefined tools user can easily design and create own blog in very less time. Users can create their own customized theme for a blog. Ghost is mobile-friendly and fully responsive web application. As per Techcrunch “it will take your boring blog to the next astral plane”. If you are an expert in theme designing and development then don’t forget Ghost.



Pheed: Pheed is a new free social network launched in October 12th 2012. User can get this application through App store and Google Play. This app allows sharing text, images, and videos. It has all the aspects of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites. With Pheed user can like, dislike, bookmarks to other users stuff. Also, user can directly do comment on other user’s posts.



Slideshare: Slideshare is an old but very famous and useful community for sharing presentations. User can create different types of presentation, PDFs, Docs, videos and share it publicly and privately on Slideshare. Users can also embed those presentations in their blog, other social media sites and business websites. Benefits to be at Slideshare are: create a chance to get potential leads for a business, rank better in search results, build your brand, etc.


Slideshare is people powered WordPress community where user can share, promote, and curate WordPress and blogging related articles. Also, users can explore posts shared by another member and can vote up the articles.


Vine: Vine is twitter’s own free mobile social tool which allows user to create and share short video (about 7 Sec.). User can share the video, short films on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. You can download it for your IOS, Android and windows devices. Vine is same as Instagram. On your vine homepage you can see a scrollable feed of your friend’s vine.



Blokube: Blokube is a best free platform for bloggers and online marketers to submit and promote their blog posts and it’s easy. There are many categories like business, marketing, SEO/SEM, WordPress and more where users can share their content with other community members. Members can give vote and make comments on your shared past. This will give more exposure to content. The more vote count content gets the more chances to get highlighted among other users.



I hope these all my recommended Top 10 Social Platforms will help your business to more exposure.
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