Have you thought about what is next generation search and how will it opened the doors to new opportunities for business? Not yet, no need to worry; I am going to explain it here.

What is Next Generation Search Experience?

According to data by stat counter, more than 20% global internet traffic arrives from the Mobile devices. And numerous data proved that mobile searches are escalating and major searches counts for local search & product information. We can call Mobile Search as “Next Generation Search Experience” for users.

Google is taking a way to make this search experience easier for users. Google Voice Search has built the mobile search simpler and it has been observed that users are acknowledging these new technologies and utilizing in generation their search as in a quick time frame. Let explore this in depth.

Google Voice Search:

Google Voice Search is a technology, which allows users to search in Google by speaking a query rather than typing a query in a search box. On 14 June 2011, Google introduced inside Google search and provided support only for Google Chrome Browser. In mid of 2012, Google released a few updates of Voice Search and added supports to mobile devices. It has been simpler when it arrived to the mobile devices. The updates include app for iOS device and “Google Now” for Android devices. Voice Search has changed the experience of the mobile searches. It has been recognized that users were happy to search for a query by saying it to the Google. Have a look at the video and feel users experience while searching with voice search functionality.

What are the New Opportunities For Business?

Above video gives you an answer of this question. If you have noticed the person is searching for a driving direction to Cape Cod and a girl is answering for his query without asking from where? Unfortunately a car got damaged and the person asks for mechanic. Again girl suggested a list of mechanics in the 10 mile area of a user’s location. Does this girl know the place of this person? I think “NO”. Voice search is auto-detecting the current location of the user and providing results based on user’s current location.

“Auto-Detect location is being like a new opportunity.”

Matt Cutts also shared in his article, “you also have to think about the user experience, especially on mobile devices these days.” And Google started to consider “Being Local” as one from search ranking factor.

“Being Local is another opportunity.”

Voice Search is medium which helps to drive more traffic to the website and generate opportunities for new business leads. But how this voice search will help a business or what information businesses need to provide with which medium? So, search mechanism serves business details on its search results.

Many questions are in mind but the solution is again with Google various products (free services). Google Places for Business & the Google+ Business Page are 2 major platforms with which we can share business information related to physical location, products / services, operating hours and more to our users.

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Key Takeout:
Mobile Search is a next generation search experience.
Google Voice search provides an effective way for new search experience and shares local information to the users.
Get listed with Google Places for Business & Google+ Business Page & be ahead in local searches.