From the very long time blog commenting is a quite a popular way to create a link profile to the website. May SEOs are using this technique to build a good amount of links to the website and to highlight among the users and influencers.

But after major updates from Google, there are questions related to SEO Techniques. Few are believing that SEO is dead (which is completely wrong). After major updates from Google SEO is deriving in the correct way, which will server best results to the users.

In the recent Video of Google Webmasters, Google’s head of Search Spam Matt Cutts shared a few things with us, which we can consider as a new hope / correct technique in SEO industry.

Chase from Denver, CO asked a question:
Google’s webmaster guidelines discourage forum signature links but what about links from comments? Is link building by commenting against the Google Webmasters Guidelines? What if it’s topically relevant site and the comment is meaningful?

In answer, Matt Cutts formed an answer in a very meaningful way. He shared, if SEOs are building links from topically relevant site by leaving a comment with his / her name and sharing useful information.

e.g. “I am not agreeing with this post / topic which you shared, maybe it will not work like this. Because the method you have mentioned may derive a path to negative way. I have also researched few things and also wrote a post about that. Here you can find my details research URL. Such comment cannot violate Google’s Webmaster Guideline.

Comment like saying “Hey, really a nice post, keep sharing, thanks” may hurt and violating Google’s webmaster Guideline, as there no any meaningful information in the comment.

Few things to keep our mind while commenting:

  • Use your real name when commenting
  • If possible, then do not use Company Name and Anchor text while commenting, it will look like you are doing commercial marketing and trying rank in Search Results, which may consider as a spam activity.
  • Build your links from multiple platforms, if your primary link building strategy includes blog comments and if you are considering to build links from those comments, It will be consider it as link scheme, which may harmful to your linking profile and there will a chance to penalize your website.
    Here is video from Matt Cutts from Google Webmaster Channel: Google Youtube Channel

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