Interstitial Advertising Vs Google AdWords – As any new webmaster knows, ranking about the first page of an google search is often a painstaking task.

In order to get organic website visitors to call at your blog, online shop, or niche website, you have to rank well inside search engine results page.

If your website isn’t listed about the first page of latest results for any of your targeted keywords, you aren’t more likely to strike it rich on organic traffic alone.

This is where pay-per-click or interstitial advertising becomes a necessity to get a site to succeed.

So, what’s the difference between something similar to Google AdWords advertising and interstitial advertising?

First, Google Adwords is often a pay-per-click advertising so that you will be charged each and every time someone follows your ad. The typical cpc because of this kind of campaign is roughly 25 cents.

It can actually get greater, nearer to $3-$4, when the keywords you wish have been in popular and also have a advanced level of competition.

The problem with this is the fact that scientific tests have demostrated that visitors sent to a website by way of a PPC ad have a 55% bounce rate. That means for every single $1 in PPC marketing you may spend, 55 cents is being “thrown away”.

On the opposite hand, interstitial advertising (a.k.a. intermission ads) can change to considerably cheaper when compared to a pay-per-click campaign.

These ads will probably be consideration to individuals surfing over the internet during “intermissions” and essentially supply the web surfer an 8-12 second preview of your squeeze page.

These full page ads give the internet user several uninterrupted seconds to look at profits copy and select whether they’d like to continue using your website to learn more or skip the ad in order to complete browsing.

The good thing about interstitial advertising is the fact that you are certainly not paying-per-click that may get very costly. Instead, you pay per 1,000 impressions.

Costs will be as few as $1 CPM (cost-per-thousand-impressions) which may lead to a far greater conversion rate running a business and sales.

Unless you have hundreds to thousands of dollars to pay with a pay-per-click campaign, you will probably be far better served by interstitial advertising that may lend you more visitors along with a better sales record as long as your data is useful and well-laid out.

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If you intend on using interstitial advertising, concentrate on getting your main content & ideas across to online users within the first 8-12 seconds of reading your web page.