There are many main reasons why your cost-per-click campaign might not have achieved the expectation you possessed set, and that we examine five of the most common below.

Bidding On The Wrong Keywords

A new user to some Google AdWords campaign or even the most experienced of us can sometimes rush and choose every one of the suggested keywords. Just because the system suggests the keywords does not always mean these are of any use for you.

This is why it is important to look at the campaign periodically and quite often to be sure your financial budget is not being used over a keyword that you didn’t have any idea you had been using and it has no relevance as to the you are hoping to complete.

Directing To The Wrong Landing Page

The time spent thinking of and creating your adverts is some of the finest time you’ll spend in enabling one of the most out of your campaign. If you are advertising multiple products, ensure the adverts selling chairs for example lands directly on top of the chairs page, and the advert selling beds goes through for the beds page. Internet users expect you’ll arrive at where they need to go quickly and any clicks you are able to eliminate from your user having to make is vital; you want them to land on the page they wanted to begin with.

Targeting The Wrong Audience

One in the options when establishing the campaign is to choose your target audience. You can find the country or countries and also the areas within these countries. For example, let’s say you sell furniture inside the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire and they are advertising towards the whole from the UK, you will get click throughs which may have little potential for resulting in a sale, as you must be targeting your cost per click campaign for the county and surrounding counties to have the most for the money.

Paying Too Much Money

Some in the biggest and a lot popular keywords obviously include the best and thus cost far more money when it comes to obtaining the visitor to click onto your link. If you have a small budget and so are bidding massive amounts, you’ll not be able to get enough people to be in a position to judge how effective the campaign continues to be. If you refer to opting for the best bidding keywords, be sure your financial allowance reflects this else your campaign will barely be on show.

Incorrect / Unclear Advert

It is a very common mistake for that adverts you place around the AdWords system to get rushed or incorrect, with all the information portraying something more important to if the user lands on your webpage. When you are eager to get traffic, it could be simple to incorrectly or falsely advertise something which just isn’t quite true, just in the hope to obtain a user or visitor to your site.

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This is totally counter productive and you ought to never do that, make sure your advert is correct and never misleading; else you are going to try to be squandering your money.