Buying PPC Ads

PPC Ads… predicament? This method of getting visitors precisely the reverse of the items you might be doing right now to make money with Google AdSense. You are making money by selling clicks your internet site. On the other side of this equation is definitely an advertiser paying money to buy those clicks from you.

If you had something to advertise, you, too, could purchase clicks off their sites. This service is managed by Google with a program called AdWords. It allows you to purchase traffic from (the “sponsored results” on top and right side) and also from site owners like us.

For example, you’ll check out AdWords, create an advertisement about your internet site that sells candles, and tell Google anytime someone types in Candle on Google and clicks your ad, you’re willing to outlay cash $0.50. You also have the option of telling Google to display this advertisement on other websites (like the ones we own) that mention candles. This process is where Google makes 99% of it’s money, mind you.

Note the difference here. AdWords is the thing that you employ to acquire advertising through Google. AdSense is what we have been using right now to make money using their company people’s ads. Try to keep those two straight.
Since case an introductory lesson on buying advertisements, we can’t get into the technical specifics of is employed. Visit Google AdWords to acquire more information if you happen to be curious.

Buying Private Ads

This is the basic means of visiting a website and asking to acquire either a link or perhaps a banner somewhere on their own site. When you think of getting ads, this is probably what located mind. Let me explain this technique through an example:

Let’s say that I wanted to obtain more subscribers to this article. I might visit a blog and I think that many on this site’s visitors could be thinking about this kind of article. So I obtain the blogger’s to see his prices. Right now, I can acquire one with the small squares in the sidebar for $500 monthly that’s seen by 200,000 unique visitors. I would keep this in mind as well as perhaps get one of such ads. He also has a few other text link options that I might consider.

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The important elements to look out for when buying an advertisement like this are: Relevance (will this audience want to acquire my products?), Traffic (how big will be the audience?), and Price (the amount can it cost to reach this audience?).