We all are aware about Google Certification Program, where agencies and individual online marketer can give online certification exam and become a Google Adwords Certified Partner.

On 27 May, 2013, Google has announced the pilot of “Google Partners” program in Canada. This new program provides a platform, where agencies and individuals able to:

Become a Partner
Connect / Join online Google+ Communities
Get listed in Google Partners Search
Access content like Training materials, Case Studies & more
During 1st week of October 2013, Google replaced Google Adwords Certified Partner with Google Partners, which allows agencies & individual online marketers with free certification exams, access to “Google Experts” and other members in Google Partners Communities.

We also have to make a note about Google Certified Partner badge will not permit after November 2013. Agencies and individual online marketer, who qualifies as a Google Certified Partner will not entertain as a Google Partner. To become Google Partners, agencies and individual will have to pass a certification exam to become a qualify Google Partners.