Why do you want to create curiosity with your Google AdWords ads? The reason is since curiosity might be the strongest motivator that almost nobody can resist. Curiosity could make people make a change, not yesterday or today but right this moment!

Google AdWords Tips


Simply by asking an issue, it will create a desire in people to answer. In this case, they answer by clicking on your ad. Also, when you use question marks inside your text ads, your click-through rates will usually climb. I have seen that happen in my experience several times across a few different niches.

Breaking News

Anything that seems like breaking news may cause visitors to get sucked in. You always have to get the attention of others simply uses to persuade the crooks to spend money by you or to take some way of action. Most newspapers, magazines & a great many other publications earn their living by creating curiosity to cause you to buy.

New Discovery

It is merely human nature to become draw to new shiny objects. Your AdWords ads are not even close to shiny as it is merely text. How you may make your ad shine greater than the competitors is to simply draw their focus on a new discovery. Nothing has to be really new, just make it sounds new in some manner, shape or form.

Latest Events

If many of the latest events are based on the products you sell or perhaps the services which you provide, you are able to tie things up such that you just leverage for the latest events get noticed then you divert that attention to yourself.


Curiosity is a real powerful persuasion weapon, to restore more powerful, add some specific details or numbers into it. As you are able to see, as well as powerful stuff, usually do not abuse it or else you leave an undesirable impression within the eyes of your audience.

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