Here is the time to remember a few words from Matt Cutts at Pubcon 2013 about the user experience of mobile website. “If your mobile site is providing a bad User Experience to your users it will give negative effect to your website. And this user experience recommendations will help us to identify the lack areas of our mobile website which will we take into consideration and fix it.”

I think this is really true. With an increase count of mobile internet users, we should also focus on mobile website and their User Experience and provide better content with easy navigations.

So, now we have question with us.

“Where we can find such recommendations for mobile website?”

Here is an answer. We can see new updates are rolling out in Google Page Speed Insight Tool. We have noticed that the tool is providing suggestions on “User Experience”. Previously, this tool basically provides scores and suggestions for page loading time for mobile and desktop PCs. Now this tool has updated and added user experience with which webmasters can take a help to improve their mobile website for a better user experience.

User Experience Google Pagespeed

Experience Recommendations in Page Speed Insight Tool

This feature will allow you to set the links/ buttons on your website, which might be too small that mobile users will not able to easily tap on it. Google will recommend you necessary changes to your mobile website so you can improve your websites user experience for your mobile users. You can click on the ‘see screenshot’ to find out the problem and to solve it.


Recommendations in Page Speed Tool

As we have noticed, currently this tool is providing suggestions based on 5 topics:

  1. Size tap targets appropriately
  2. Avoid plugins
  3. Configure the viewport
  4. Size content to viewport
  5. Use legible font sizes

Also take a note about this new feature is in Beta version and also Google mentioned that this feature is “not currently a part of the overall score.”

I think, Google is now focusing more on Next Generation Search Experience and yes we should also have to think about it.

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So, what is your opinion of this? Share your comment with us.