A New announcement made by Google, Universal Analytics Upgrade, an easy, two-step procedure to upgrade your present properties from classic Google Analytics to Universal Analytics. Google made this statement via Official Google Blog, attending procedure to upgrade from the Classic version of Analytics to Universal Analytics without dropping any data.

In October 2012, Google launched Beta version of Universal Analytics for limited Users and in March 2013, Google makes this Public Beta Version and having the features like Google Analytics Premium and Mobile App Analytics and can easily maintain and fetch data from massive traffic.

Who can upgrade from Classic to Universal Analytics?

Currently, this upgrade is available for limited users and it will be rolling out to all users in a couple of weeks.

Google has formulated new tool, which allows users to transfer their properties to Universal Analytics. This tool will accessible soon to admin panel for all accounts very soon. Get your eyes on the admin panel of Analytics and take a step ahead:

Step 1: Transfer your property from Classic to Universal Analytics.

Universal Analytics Update

Upgrade To Universal Analystics Image source Google.com

To be well balanced, we always need to one more step ahead as a second step. And here we will need to follow the same to take a second step to upgrade Universal Analytics.

Step 2: Re-tag with a version of the Universal Analytics tracking code.

After upgrading from Classic to Universal Analytics, you will also need to upgrade your tracking code with analytics.js JavaScript library on your website and Android or iOS SDK v2.x or higher for your mobile app.

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Though, this upgrade is available for limited users, and in a couple of weeks will enables for all users. Apart from this Google is also planning to auto-upgrade all Classic Analytics properties to Universal Analytics.

So, get ready for upgrade and take the 2 Steps ahead.