There are five great ways that you can upgrade your web design game. Website design is continually getting better and better. The reason for this is primarily because more devices are getting into the mix, security standards increase, and more people browse the web every day.

With this type of active movement, technology is only advancing every day. A web design is something that should satisfy all parties at once. These parties include the client who owns the website, de-sign standards upon building the site, and the average website visitor who lands on the website. Read below the 5 ways you can upgrade your web design game.

5 Ways to Upgrade Web Design

1. Keep up with the newest web design trends:

Trends become viral for a reason. What is that reason? Well, to create a better web world. New trends influence design and impact the average website visitor. If an average web visitor is familiar with a certain type of web trend like sidebars and if 90 percent of websites abandoned this feature, most web visitors will be used to the new white space design.

With this said, web visitors will get influenced what majority does on the web. Web design trends are here to better our websites and create a friendlier user experience on the internet.

What is trending today in web design?

A. One Page Layout.

one-page layout has introduced a new kind of web design to the net. This type of design goes top to bottom in a vertical motion. The one-page web design is usually accompanied by a parallax effect to make its long page scrolling much easier for the average web visitor.

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How does the one-page layout differ from the multipage?

The multi-page design is more of a horizontal perspective. It lacks the long scrolling because its web page isn’t too long and the menu navigates from link to link.

With the one-page web design, everything is included on 1 page. With that said, the one-page design navigates within its own page instead of navigating to different links like in the multi-page design.

What are the primary benefits of the multi-page and the one-page web design?

The multi-page web design is ultimately better for SEO because every page has a different link and the web designer has the ability to custom tag each page for SEO.

The one-page web design has an overall better appearance that has been proven to be preferred by the average web visitor.

The one-page design displays the home, about, services, and contact pages all on one page. This provides a regular web visitor all the information they could ever want all on one page.

B. Full Screen Menu and Full Screen Contact Forms: Full-Screen menus and contact forms are very common this year. This may or may not be a lasting trend, but it has proven to create a more focused atmosphere when opening to full screen.

C. New and Improved Color Tones: Vibrant colors have become very popular. Vibrant colors present a bright and saturated color that is eye-catching but also mellow to the eye. Web visitors prefer a site with vibrant colors over a dim colored website.

2. Practice methods of clean coding

Clean coding methods should be memorized and applied at all times. A clean coded web page is easy for a web designer to always go back, know where everything is, and make any necessary changes to the script.

Aside from this obvious fact, clean coded web pages are also favored by search engines. Keep coding neat, organized, and light weight. A great website is one that presents a visually appealing appearance and has been built with few lines of code.

Coding tips:

Using auto compression on JAVASCRIPT and CSS files will reduce the line count and simplify the script.

Check your MARKUP free on the W3C Validator. This is a great tool that will point out all the errors that may be on a website script.

3. Incorporate SEO into your design

A great web design may be virtually amazing,but there needs to be something else that gives it a bit of a spotlight so people can see how amazing it actually is.

That other thing is ultimately on page SEO. A web page must have meta tags listed on every page.

Meta tags go in the head section. Meta tags let search engines know what category they are in and what the domain would like to be ranked in.

H tags play a big role as well. The H1 tag is the first message that the user sees upon landing on the site.

The H 1 tag should have a very well thought message as a title. Another on page SEO tip is to always check for broken links on web pages.

Broken links will lower a website’s trust and quality. So to increase your SEO, make sure all content is reachable and working on the site.

SEO Tips:

Get your website verified through google webmaster tools.

Always submit your SITEMAP/RSS on your google webmaster tools dashboard with every new update!

4. Write more blogs:

Quality content always brings more followers. Open up a blog on your website with a CMS system like WordPress. This will enable the average person to publish blog posts within seconds.

The best part about WordPress is that blogs can be auto-published right from the server and there is no need to FTP anything. Writing more blogs on a website promotes the website even more.

Giving off free knowledge will ultimately gain more followers for the average site.

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Blogging the blog tips:

Use titles, subtitles, bolds,italics, and distinct colors to customize your web page blog.

Include your blog section as a menu item on your website home page.

5. Mobile is Global:

It’s absolutely true! Mobile has gone global! We have now entered a new mobile era online. Before, web designers gave little thought to creating layouts that were specifically elevated for mobile designs.

Now with trillions of searches a day on the web and most of these searches coming from mobile devices, it has opened up a new field on the web. Following up with a mobile-friendly web design is the top thing to do this year!

Mobile Design Tips:

Ensure that your web page will resize on every device layout. Time to go responsive!

It is recommended to increase your web font size on your website to become mobile friendly.

By reading the article above, you will acquire great knowledge to upgrade your web design game!

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