Facebook has upgraded the procedure to schedule the post. Previously it took 12 steps like select date, year, time, minute and more and after long selection, we were able to schedule one post. Now these steps have reduced to 4. So, now its easy to schedule our post. Write whatever you have been up to and like to share with your audience and follow the 4 simple steps:

  • Click one schedule icon
  • Select a date
  • Select time
  • And click on Schedule
schedule facebook post

Facebook Post Schedule image source OptinMonster

Great your post has been scheduled. But are you able to know that how many numbers of posts you have scheduled? In past might not, but at present yes you can.

An admin of a page can view their upcoming schedule post.

Now, I can say Facebook made our life easier. We can reach more numbers of audience and yes on time too. This feature and more other features are being a helping hand to us to share our views, thoughts and more with our followers.

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