Google AdWords remains the 10,000 pound gorilla of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, despite lots of bad press from marketers who received the “Google slap” (i.e. their ads were rejected or their costs greatly increased because of violation of some Google policy and other, real or perceived).

It’s claim to fame is its incredible reach, since Google is such a trusted internet search engine. Entire businesses happen to be built solely around Google PPC advertising.

One immediate caution for newcomers to PPC advertising however: Expect to spend some money learning how to do it properly. It is not a marketing method to approach lightly, which is one where mistakes will not be free if you are not tracking results and adjusting your ad campaigns accordingly.

With that caveat in mind, PPC advertising can represent a reliable traffic source for you.

PPC advertising is built around the concept of identifying keywords and keywords that online searchers would use to discover your ad online. Then you develop a series of ads built around the keywords your quest arrived.

One of the most useful free sources for market and keyword research is Google’s own Keyword Tool. Two high quality commercial market and keyword research tools I’ve used which enable it to recommend (after you feel you’ve outgrown the free tools) are Wordtracker and Affportal.

But if you’re just studying PPC advertising the very first time I would recommend you stick to the free tools for the present time. You can perform some extremely effective niche research with Google’s Keyword Tool. Later if you believe you’ll need any additional power of these paid services it’s possible to upgrade.

Recommended Google AdWords Resources

PPC advertising is one area that you really should find some advice through the outset, since experimentation experimentation without learning the process is surely an expensive strategy to learn.

Because of the dominance within the PPC arena, AdWords has spawned an entire industry of info products and consultants who teach every AdWords nuance and angle imagine. Some are perfect and several i think are certainly not worth your time and efforts and money.

One resource that I own and highly recommend without reservation is Perry Marshall’s industry bible, The Definitive Guide to Google AdWord.A It’s recognized across the Internet marketing space because the absolute best AdWords training available anywhere.

It gives you an in-depth comprehension of Google AdWords, greater than sufficient in your case to feel confident if you place your first ads. Better yet, if you are planning to make use of PPC advertising you’ll most likely save far over the cost of this informative guide by putting into practice the truly great advice you will find inside.

Beginner or experienced expert, here is the one reference you need to keep close by if you’re going to runAAdWords ads.

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A second top quality source for PPC training and tactics is Mike Dillard’ PPC Domination.A Mike is probably the most successful network marketer/online marketer in history, and the course is full of excellent advice for home business owners taking their businesses inline.

Google’s Own Learning Center

Google it self provides content rich AdWords lessons in its Learning Center. If you’re a new comer to PPC advertising I would recommend you start out here to acquire a handle on what all this works. The search giant provides a huge selection of AdWords help resources. Just search on “Google AdWords” to get started.

In addition for the online help you will find through Google, the search giant also sponsors live one day seminars which you’ll want to currently Aattend in major cities within the U.S., the U.K. and Australia. More worldwide locations will be added in the future.

As an aside, some SEO experts suspect Google of producing disinformation about how Google AdWords is proven to work, in order to keep users from “tricking” the search results by using clever SEO strategies.

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Whether or otherwise you purchase into this conspiracy theory there’s lots of helpful advice available from expert marketers who everyday take their dollars, euros and pounds into learning what really works on AdWords through trial and error.