“Blog” many times I heard this word. And yes now I have my own personal blog where I can expose my ideas and share it with the readers like you.

I have created this blog and also spend some amount to make it live, but there are many blogging platforms which are providing free services to create blog without spending a single penny from your pocket. Below are few popular platforms with which you can create blog with a few clicks.


WordPress is a most popular and richest blogging platform for bloggers. It provides both free and paid services for bloggers to create blog. With a free version you can host your blog as a sub domain of wordpress.com like mysite.wordpress.com with 3GB of Storage. WordPress also offers Traffic States, Anti-Spam Filter, Search Engine friendly template for the page and post, themes and more with its free services.

If you wish to add your own customized theme or other customization within a blog, you need to upgrade your free version blog to the paid one and take the advantage of huge number of WordPress features.


Blog.com is another popular blogging platform powered by WordPress. Similar to WordPress you can create blog as a sub domain of blog.com like mysite.blog.com with 2GB of Storage. With a free account you can access many premium themes and plugins. However with free version it will display large numbers of advertisements within your blog post but, you can opt by upgrading to remove the advertisements.

Very popular, Google’s own blogging platforms. Blogger is very easy to use and to set up a blog within a few moments. With blogger you can customize the template as yours and tweak a look of your blog as you want. Google also offer more premium features like the chance to earn from blog by adding Google AdSense to your blog. Additionally, you can set up your custom domain and can host it with blogger without paying a single penny.


Tumblr is popular and come with many features to start your own blog with free of cost. Tumblr provides many features like audio blogging, a free custom domain and attractive blogging themes to create blog.

Social media sharing is bit easy with Tumblr. It allows an integration of Facebook & Twitter from where just with a single click you can share your article with these social networks and enhance chance to get more readers on your article. Another benefit includes support of Google Analytics and FeedBurner which helps to track and understand the user behavior within blog.


Weebly is more than to just build a blog. With Weebly you can create blog or website with customization. The drag-n-drop functionality adds stars to weebly website builder and to create a well-designed page for users. With website builder, you can add an image gallery or sideshow, audio and video streaming, maps and many more attractive type of content to your blog post.

I hope now you have a good list of free blogging platformsgood list of free blogging platforms and you will start your own blog with one of these blogging platforms. Share your thoughts with us in few words a Comment.

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