Content – “In a state of peaceful happiness” That’s true, even Google is suggesting this meaning.

In year 2019, we have targeted few numbers of goals and yes we have also achieved those goals too. But have you observed the strategies of other internet marketers to achieve their desired goals?

What’s their main focused area in year 2019 to increase awareness and derived more traffic from the world of the internet? What activities they performed which derived them to way to success? What was the core part of the strategy?

The answer for all questions is in a one word “CONTENT”.

Yes, I believe and you may also believe that content is the king in every year and it will also play an important role in the year 2019.

Here with this article I am sharing few types of content which I observed and will also play an important role in 2019.

Content Types:

  1. Blog
  2. Image
  3. InfoGraphic
  4. Video
  5. Slide Presentation


Any explanation required for blog content! Well, we all much aware about / use to for blog content. Few of us are writing good blog content which finds interests of other users and few of us are also be a guest author and sharing content with 3rd party blogs.

Many webmasters have also added blog sections to their website to publish fresh and unique content.

As we all know Search Engine loves fresh and unique content and it’s one of the ranking factors.

Last year, I have observed many bloggers and internet marketers faced some difficulties to find good topics for a blog post and create unique content with their personalize thoughts.

And I think, it will also be a big question in 2019, to select topics and write content for a blog post which users love to read. May our personal thoughts and practice will solve this problem and we can write a blog post about our own personal experience.

Have you added a blog as a part of internet marketing strategy for the year 2019? If “NO”, so don’t think much, just create your own blog and start sharing your thoughts/tips with your viewers.

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Image, a point of attraction for content type. The image was, is and will always help to attract more number of users. I always use to share my thoughts with images and also advised other bloggers and internet marketers to share blog post at least with one image.

I have observed that many bloggers set up image field with a * sign and as required field while making a blog post live.

Hence, they have a good practice to add images and also, they can reap extra benefits by adding images to the content. As per my personal experience, I get many benefits of using image within content; among them below I have listed few of the major benefits.

Images with well-planned content

Readers hate to read content which is not designed well. A good design is about to add paragraphs, bullets, quotes within content, attractive image but relevant to blog which adds value to the content and help to add interest of readers.

Keep your content Memorable

An attractive, funny or creative image will stick into the reader’s mind and they will always memorize your content with the image visualization. I have experience of this, many readers are keep remembering my articles with their image visualization and I have also received many comments on that too.

Here is one screenshot of my blog post in which images played a good role to attract more numbers of users.

Increase Social Media Presence

Readers love to share good content with their social networks and it opens the door to attract/get more readers from the social networks. In social media users prefers to watch or look first to media/visual content and 2nd priority to the text content. And here image would play an important role to attract more readers.

Increase visibility in Search Engine

SEO is all about to rank high for selected keywords, which we can target within the content. The image would help to use to add keywords at one time within the content. Surprised! But, yes it is.

Use image name separated with dash “-“sign and add title, description & ALT text for the image. Also, add image description with your targeted keyword.

However, this will not visible to readers but search engines will scan such information and will index image when relevant search query typed.


One from the knowable of shouting content type among the internet marketers in the year 2013. An Infographic is a combination of information in 1 or 2 sentences and attractive graphics related to the information or topic.

The popularity of infographic is increasing day by day and webmaster towards their ways to share content as infographics and as a benefit they are gaining more numbers of viewers to their content.

Many internet marketers, including me are seeing the future of infographic as a successful and relevant link building technique.

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Grab the chance and be popular among your targeted users by adding video in your internet marketing plan of year 2019.

I know this is a bit costly content type as compare with other types of content and will also require more efforts to find new idea, implement it and create an amazing video from it with creative graphic or animation.

We need to give importance to video as another content type. Why so? A popular Search Engine “Google” is giving priority to videos by showing YouTube videos in search results for relevant search queries.

Major benefits to add video are:

  • Helps to get ahead among your competitors
  • Easier to search
  • Sharing will be easy and frequent
  • Enhance user engagement and make it viral
  • Be word of mouth
  • Growth in business

Slide Presentation:

Share your huge content in pieces of the slides. Many organizations still believe that presentation can be done within offline world, but we know that’s not only one truth.

Popular platform like “SlideShare” guided a new way to share presentation online and access it from any corner of the globe.

Sometime readers get bored by reading/seeing a huge amount of content at once. For such readers, slide presentation is a best way to share our content with pieces of the slides.

Below are few important points to create a slide presentation which keeps readers interested in presenting the slides.

  • Keep it simple
  • Use Limited text with bullet points
  • Limit use of animation
  • Use attractive graphic which share your message too.
  • Show data with appropriate chart

There are few more important content types which we can add in our marketing strategy of year 2019. But I also wish that you would not lose interest from this article (just kidding, I know you are keen to know more types of content).

I will be keep sharing different types of content. I also wish that you can also share your thoughts with my readers by adding few liner comments below.

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