Creating a content from the scratch, sometimes become the most tedious and difficult task to implement. As a part of the good content marketing strategy, high quality and unique content is essential, but it’s not possible to create and share 100 percent unique content all the time. Content curation is the perfect solution for this problem. Content curation is a procedure to short web content of a specific topic and representing it in an expressive and organized way.

With compare to creating a whole new content, content curation can be done very fast and in an easier way. It helps you to build a group of niche specific people. Curating a useful content and sharing it with your niche audience helps your brand to build its authenticity. Content curation is an ongoing social media strategy. You have to share your content everyday by targeting the new audiences. Here are some useful tips to do ethical content curation.

Visit Assorted Resources
Creating content by just visiting one or two sources may harm your reputation as you are just copying the original work of the content author. To avoid this drawback, consider your all types of niche audiences; think about what your readers like to read from you. Do research and find some other resources to get a better idea of your topic and to curate it effectively. It will help your readers to understand the topic more precisely and to understand your views and ideas for that particular topic.

Create a New Post Title
Rather than using the same title as the original one, create new and unique title for your post which effectively summarize your article. After changing the title, also check that you are not coming up with your real author in SERPs.

Give References/Context
Find out the points which the original post leaves out. Search it and add some extra new piece of information to your post which excite readers and make them read and share your article. Also, add some genuine resources to your content. For example, if your organization has done any survey on social media marketing and your curating topic is also the same then you can use this survey statistic within your article, it will help your readers to stick to the article points. Adding context helps your article to standout from others.

Avoid ‘Nofollow’ Links
From an SEO viewpoint “Nofollow” links are not much valued as compared to Dofollow links. People giving a Nofollow link because they don’t want to pass the link juice of their web page with the original webpage. Using Nofollow links within your content could damage some reputation which is created by connecting to the actual creator, so don’t use them.

Avoid Using Long Quotes
Using short quotes adds value to your content and readers like to read it and enjoy your post. But when you use long paragraphs of quotes, somewhat it forces readers to read it completely, so try to avoid it. Still, If you want to use the long quotes then select some parts of the quotes and write the remaining part in your own terms, it will add value to the discussion.

Add Your Viewpoint
Just writing the summary of other’s content is not enough! And also it doesn’t provide any value to your curated content. A curator need to describe each term which is used in the article with an effective explanation like topic’s importance, its effects on audiences, etc. this will help your readers to genuinely understand your viewpoint and thoughts about the topic. With an effective discussion content curation gives you a chance to add your targeted keywords into the original piece.

Link Back to the Real Resource
When you are using any others image or stuff, give them a credit and give a link back to their sources. It is an ethical way to do a content curation. Ensure that you are giving a link back to the original resource not any other article which also mentions the same stuff.

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Still, if you are using the same title and content from the real source, it will not add any value for your readers and to your website. Always curate content effectively, so it will benefit to you and your readers. So, is that any important point which I didn’t mention here?

There are more other factors which can add more values to users and stick them to the content with their interest. What’s your interest about content and will it help more to stick more users?