Event – new current trend in marketing to publicize business, products, services. From last some era events changed the whole business promotional strategies. Events are best to get connected with new influences and to get knowledge from expertise and can know more about their experience. All types of B2B and B2C businesses take lots of advantages by organizing events to promote their businesses. Through different offline marketing strategies you can make your event popular, but do you have any idea about how to popularize your events on social media platforms? Here you go…!!!

For few things we need to take care while promoting an event with different social platforms like, Hashtag, popularity of speaker among the social networks, followers and how the event will be beneficial for them and a lot more. Below are a few strategies that you need to keep in mind while planning a strategy to promote the event via different social platforms.

Use of HashTag
The hashtag is one of the best methods to make your event more popular and to reach out more audiences. It is not limited to event, but you can also use hashtag while promoting your business, services, products or publishing content, and create publicity on social media. Try to define suitable hashtag for your event, which should serve the message of your event / name of event, easy to remember and sticky. Add this hashtag in all your promotion like social sharing, email, in a comment, on your website and with other major promotional things. By doing this you will get more publicity for your events and more people possibly use it which gives exposure to your events.

Celebrity as a Speaker
Wait a minute; here I am not talking about Obama or any other celebrity to be a speaker in your business event. Here celebrity means a person who is more popular with his expertise in his niche industry. The selection of speakers is also playing a big role in event and to attract more audience to be a part of an event. If you are planning for an event about Search Engine then I recommended to invite Matt Cutts as a speaker at your event (If he can spare some time to be a guest of honor).

Grab a Chance to Promote the Event with Speaker’s Social Networks
Think you have invited Matt Cutts to be a speaker and he says yes and shared the same with his social networks. What will happen? I think something special which you have not imagined for. Your event will get popularity and your event will be word of mouth from the many other expertise who are belonging from the same industries.

So, here I am not saying to invite him and grab popularity, But, I suggest grabbing the popularity from speaker’s social networks and taking a help from them to share news and updates and other important things to their networks and invite their audiences to be a part of the event. To plan the same it may possible that you will need to prepare some tweets / posts to be shared with speaker’s networks.

Create Platforms for speaker & audience
This is a very important factor, which can help to find interesting attendees at your event. These days there are many online platforms which allow creating your own community, group where you, speaker and audience can interact. Give a chance to your audience to know more about your event and allow asking their queries to speak before and after the event. It will be helpful to you and a chance to find topics which show the user’s interest.

Attendees! How they help to promote your event? Yes, they can. They can share the details of the event with their social networks. You can also encourage them by offering affiliates and promoting about the event with their social networks.

Bring Offline World at Online World
There will be a probability that some of your audience will not able to attend the event due to limited seating or other reasons. Share live updates with your social networks, where your audiences view the updates from your event. Your updates may only reach to the audience which is following you but what about other people from the world. Here hashtag will play role, it will help to distribute your updates with other members with the social networks.

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Here I have shared things which I have discovered. You can also be helpful by adding your comment and your thoughts with us.