Google introduced a knowledge graph in Carousel for Musicians in the last week of Sep 2013. Similar to that (I think) Bing is also updating Music Video Search Results to its search queries of music, artists and albums.

Here I have made search for my favorite artist “Akon” and Bing search results appears like:

Akon Search Result Bing

Akon Search Result Bing by

In the above image, you can see most popular video from Akon is shown at top left corner of the search results and other related artist, videos and albums results are showing the right side of the search results. Bing has also added that it is serving videos from leading video sites “YouTube, Vimeo, MTV, Artist Direct and more.

We can say video results are appearing in one place including its quick preview in a bit larger size in the same search results pages. Yes it is, for better user search experience, Bing has added a quick preview of any video in search results. On mouse move to the video thumbnail user can quickly view the preview of video with sounds.

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User can also access the album view with a single click on related album links showing at the right side of the search results. And also have results from related artist at time right side of the search results. Bing added this feature to its video search to serve more content to the users.