Not me, but Google’s head of search spam Matt Cutts said not to use Meta Tag Description of the site. In recent, video of the Google Webmaster Help he said something similar.

Walter from Leiden Netherlands asked a question “Is it necessary for each single page within my website to have a unique Meta Tag Description?” In reply to this question Matt Cutts said few words and its personal things too.

Instead of using duplicate Meta tag Description, Matt advised 2 alternatives either have a unique Meta tag description or not to have Meta tag description within your site.

According to Matt’s personal opinion he is not using Meta Description to its own personal blog. (This is a secret of Matt Cutts, do not share with everyone…)

As per his viewpoint, we can add Meta description for pages which are more important like, Home page, about us, products or services pages. But for remaining pages like blogs and other pages leave the responsibility to Google to find the best snippet and list those into its search results. Why do we waste our time hence Google is having this great functionality for us… 🙂

At this moment Google is not having a perfect mechanism to bring best details from the page and serve informative snippet to the users. In such cases, we need to spend our few times to prepare Meta Description in our own words.

Sometimes it happens that by mistake we have updated the duplicate Meta Description to the website, and to know the same Google Webmaster Tools will help you to find a list of Duplicate Description.

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